martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Sueltodelengua internacional. River Plate and Argentina Made in the Same Image and Likeness

The biggest, the most prestigious, and richest soccer club in Argentina’s history is in trouble today.
River Plate, also called Los Millonarios, who owns El Monumental, the best stadium in the country, used to have the more expensive team in the league, the best paid players, and the most championships won in the country. Today, due to the bad administration carried out in the last decade, it is on the verge of relegation of the first-class league.
The last years have shown countless and unfortunate similarities between River and our Country that have brought River to this situation; corruption, lack of management and planning, chaos, demagogy, and the intention of its leaders to perpetuate themselves in power.
Fortunately, after all these misfortunes, River seemed to have learnt the lesson. They have just chosen a new President and coach. The new leaders came from the culture of effort, discipline, hard work and honesty. They will need to run a long and very difficult way, not only to gain the required points to avoid descending in the league, but also to recuperate their recognized prestige and wealth. However, and despite the difficulties, the fresh air brought for the new management has generated great expectations to Los Millonarios; which has also been fed by the scores gotten in the recent matches.
Argentina will elect a new president next year. Will the Country and River continue resembling each other?

By Jack Bauer

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